Alignment Navigator's Challenge
Your alignment creation Guidance
We all have a choice about how we go forward in life. to be blown about by the winds of chance and land at just any port that we happen to land at OR to navigate through life with guidance, purpose and a treasure map to our greatest potential! The purpose of this challenge is to make you a personal realignment machine that will enable you to get unstuck in any aspect of your life!

What this challenge offers you
  •  Insight: Know what's holding you back! Start healing
  •  Momentum: Jumpstart your success with inspired action
  • Manifestation: Show the universe you're ready to change
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We hope you love this challenge and get a lot out of it. This signals your universe you are ready to create real and lasting change. Please use your good judgement and inner guidance to use this information in the best way possible. We look forward to the continued adventures!

Rachel Haymer
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